Polaris handled the full site development of our 3 acre property including managing the construction of the underground utilities, storm sewer and drainage as well as the construction of both Assisted Living Buildings and parking lots.

- Jay LaFrance – President – BeeHive Assisted Living – San Angelo

My wife and I remodeled our kitchen and den this past summer, and hired Ken Eger as a general contractor for the project. We met Ken with Polaris, LLC through our decorator, Brenda Ribiero, who has known Ken professionally and personally for years. From our first meeting, we liked Ken and knew he was the one we needed for the job. First impressions and the personal demeanor and character of the person we use for job like remodeling are very important to my wife and I. Like many people, we have had negative experiences with less-than0scrupulous tradesmen and contractors, so Ken had a certain amount of sales resistance to overcome. He did so on that first meeting and never disappointed after that.

The remodeling job was extensive, requiring numerous sub-contractors and vendors and we always felt that the people Ken used were well-chosen and very competent. Like all jobs of this nature, there were occasional delays and when these occured Ken handled his people well, insulating us as much as possible from the stresses of dealing with third parties. As for the work itself, we have no complaints at all. The quality of workmanship was excellent. From the painters, to the carpenters to the plumbers and electricians, everyone was very skilled and took pride in their work.

Overall or experience with Ken and his company was quite positive.

- Ed Luter — Allen, TX.

Graham — Martin, LTD. has been associated with Mr. Ken Eger of Polaris, LLC for approximately the last 20 years. We have been associated with his construction expertise and professionalism during his time with General Homes, Richmond American Homes, MHI Properties, KLE, and now Polaris, LLC.

We have found Mr. Eger to be extremely knowledgeable in his field, more than capable in construction aspects and a competent and respected businessman.

- Bill Graham — Grand Prairie, TX.

Ken Eger was the general contractor on a 24,000 square foot commercial project for my law firm which is located at 4205 Gateway Drive in Colleyville, Texas. Mr. Eger acted in the upmost professional manner. The project was completed within budget and on time. Mr. Eger was able to effectively work with the City of Colleyville through the zoning and planning process as well as negotiate the project through the building inspection process. He was able to work with the architect and all the sub contractors in a professional and diligent manner and as a consequence I have a project which is commercially viable and one of the most aesthetically attractive in our local area.

Although of a minimal nature, Mr. Eger has worked to follow up on minor warranty issues. Maintenance problems with the building have been practically non-existent other than ordinary wear and tear.

I would recommend Mr. Eger for project of my type. If you have any questions or wish to further discuss Mr. Eger’s qualifications, please feel free to contact me at the number listed above.

- Jonathon P. Ayers — Colleyville, TX.